Rental FAQ

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Q Can I just rent the skis?

Yes, but we rent by the set only. Individually rented equipment will be charged the same as the set price.

Q If I take my own ski boots, can you adjust the ski for my boots?

For ski boots, please let us know your sole size (not shoe size). It is a 3 digit number (ex. 305mm) located on the sole or side of your boots. For snowboard, please let us know your boot size. Our staff will adjust the fitting based on your information.

For binding adjustments:

  • Niseko Shop (Hirafu and Annupuri)
    Call our Niseko office at 0136-23-4560 (8:30 – 17:00, 8:30 – 19:00 during night season) after arriving at your hotel.
  • Downtown Sapporo Hotels
    Please bring your boots to the front desk and call our office at 011-624-0001 (9:00 – 18:00) to request binding adjustment.
  • Furano
    Please bring your boots when you come to the office to pick up your equipment and ask for binding adjustment.
  • Courier Delivery Service
    We will adjust your binding to the sole size you give us and have the equipment delivered to you. You will be responsible to finalize your adjustment.

Q Can I change the size if the rental equipment does not fit?

  • Niseko, Sapporo and Furano area
    If we have other sizes available during office hours, we can make the change for you. Please try on the sizes immediately after receiving the equipment, and try using thick socks or layered clothing to help the fitting.
  • Courier Delivery Service
    We are unable to deliver alternate sizes. Please make sure of your size before ordering.
    Boots are usually prepared slightly bigger than the size of shoes, please bring thick socks or layered clothing.

Q Can I change ski to snowboard after starting rental service?

  • Niseko, Sapporo and Furano area
    If we have the equipment available, you can change. A 2,000JPY fee will be charged.
  • Courier Delivery Service
    No changes accepted.

Q Can I extend my rental period after rental service started?

Please contact us first.
Extension fees will be charged accordingly. (There is no discount on extention fees.)

Q What if the equipment is damaged or stolen?

Contact us first.
We may ask payment for the damage that we are not responsible for.

  • Skis and snowboard -- 20,000yen
  • high-grade skis -- 100,000yen
  • Deluxe skis and snowboard -- 50,000yen
  • Boots -- 20,000yen
  • Bindings -- 10,000yen
  • Poles -- 3,000yen
  • Binding parts for snowboards (belts,ratchets) -- 1,000yen
  • Snow suit lost -- 30,000yen, damaged -- 10,000yen
  • Head wear -- 2,000yen
  • Gloves -- 2,000yen (whether one or both are lost)
  • Goggles -- 3,000yen
  • Helmet -- 20,000yen

Q Why can't you deliver equipment if I stay at Prince Hotel Furano or Prince Hotel New Furano?

Due to hotel contract reasons we are unable to deliver or pick up equipment. You can come to our Furano office and pick up equipment. It is a 10 minute walk from Prince Hotel Furano, and a 15 minute drive from Prince Hotel New Furano.
We also provide courier delivery service to these hotels.

Q Why can't you deliver equipment If I stay at Hilton Niseko Village or the Greenleaf Hotel Niseko Village?

Due to hotel contact reasons we are unable to deliver or pick up equipment. To service our customers who stay at these hotels, we offer courier delivery service.

Q How do I pick up and drop off the equipment?

The procedure differs depending upon the area you are staying.

  • Niseko
    Please call our Niseko office at 0136-23-4560. We will arrange time of delivery and return.
  • Downtown Sapporo Hotels
    We deliver the equipment the evening before your rental start date. Please check with the front desk when checking in. Try on the equipment, and if you need to change sizes, call our office by 6:00pm.
  • Furano
    Please come to our office.
  • Courier Delivery Service
    Our courier service Yamato Transport Co., Ltd. will deliver to your hotel the day before you arrive. Please check with the front desk for pick up location.

Q Where can I try fitting?

You can try on your equipment at our office locations or at your hotel upon delivery.

Q Is there a ski rocker?

Please ask your accommodation or the ski resort.

Q Do you offer ski lessons?

No, we do not. Please ask the ski resort.

Q Do you have a bus and ski lesson package?

No, we do not. For ski lessons, please ask the ski resort.

Q Do you have a bus and ski rental package?

Although we do not have a bus and ski rental package, we offer early online discounts for both when you book online.

Q Can I try on several sizes?

  • Niseko, Sapporo and Furano area
    We deliver the size you indicated on your order form. If it doesn’t fit, please let our staff know and we will exchange the size for you.
  • Courier Delivery Service
    Not available.

Q I have not reserved the rental equipment. Can I rent without a reservation?

  • Niseko, Sapporo and Furano area
    If we have the equipment available, rental is possible. Please call our office.
  • Courier Delivery Service
    Only reservations accepted.

Q Can I rent even if I'm not staying at hotels?

Yes, you can rent at our office in Sapporo, Niseko, or Furano.

Q Will you charge me additional for courier delivery cost?

No, courier delivery cost is included in your online price.

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