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Sapporo City Timetable



Sapporo City ⇒ Niseko :
Effective Dec 15 - Mar 4, 2018
Bus Stop 4201
▼ Keio Plaza Hotel Sapporo 7:30
▼ HOTEL MYSTAYS Sapporo Aspen (Formerly Sapporo Aspen Hotel) 7:40
▼ Sapporo Grand Hotel 7:50
▼ Mercure Sapporo 8:00
▼ Sapporo Tokyu REI Hotel 8:10
▼ ibis Styles Sapporo 8:20
▼ HOTEL MYSTAYS PREMIER Sapporo Park (Formerly Art Hotels Sapporo) 8:30
Break time (10-15 minutes) OK
▼ Hirafu Welcome Center 11:00
▼ The Green Leaf Niseko Village 11:20
▼ Hilton Niseko Village Hotel 11:30
▼ Niseko Northern Resort Annupuri 11:45
▼ Hotel Kanronomori 11:55
Niseko ⇒ Sapporo City :
Effective Dec 15 - Mar 4, 2018
Bus Stop 4202 4204
▼ Hotel Kanronomori 8:05 15:05
▼ Niseko Northern Resort Annupuri 8:15 15:15
▼ The Green Leaf Niseko Village 8:30 15:30
▼ Hilton Niseko Village Hotel 8:40 15:40
▼ Hirafu Welcome Center 9:00 16:00
Break time (10-15 minutes) OK OK

Sapporo hotel bus stops (no particular order)
*The bus will not stop where there is no booking.

▼ HOTEL MYSTAYS PREMIER Sapporo Park (Formerly Art Hotels Sapporo)
▼ ibis Styles Sapporo
▼ Mercure Sapporo
▼ Sapporo Tokyu REI Hotel
▼ Sapporo Grand Hotel
▼ Keio Plaza Hotel Sapporo
▼ HOTEL MYSTAYS Sapporo Aspen (Formerly Sapporo Aspen Hotel)
▼ JR Tower Hotel Nikko Sapporo

11:30-12:30 18:30-19:30

Reserve seats in advance. Number of seats are limited.

  Regular price Web booking price
Adult Round trip * ¥8,000
One way ¥4,000 ¥4,000
Child* Round trip * ¥4,000
One way ¥2,000 ¥2,000

[Please Note]

* For web discount, book by noon (Japan time) the day before your travel date.
* Child 3-12 years old. Free for infants who do not need seats.
* The bus operation is canceled 7 days before departure date if reservations are less than 6 people.
* Airport→Niseko→Sapporo Hotels, or Sapporo Hotels→Niseko→Airport is also considered a White Liner round trip booking.

Booking Terms and Procedures

Booking & Payment / Change / Cancellation

  • All seats are by reservation only. Book your bus in advance by internet or telephone. Discounts are available through online booking only. All other methods are at regular price.
  • Minimum number of passengers required for bus operation is six. If number of reservations are less than six, bus operation will be cancelled.
  • You will be informed of cancellation at least 7 days prior to departure date by email or telephone.
  • Please settle your payment by credit card within 2 days after completion of booking. We accept Visa/MasterCard/JCB and American Express.

    Your booking will be canceled if payment is not confirmed by the due date. Discount applies for online booking and credit card payment only.
    *Please settle payment immediately if your travel is within 3 days.

Time required for bus transfer at the airport

  • DOMESTIC: Allow at least 45 minutes after flight arrival and 60 minutes for departure.
  • INTERNATIONAL: Allow at least 90 minutes after flight arrival and 120 minutes for departure.

In case of flight delay

  • If you had allowed enough time for connection as required above, you can take the next available bus at no charge. If there is no bus operation or seat available, your bus fare will be fully refunded.
  • If your connecting time is less than the time required above, you can take the next available bus on the same day for 500JPY change fee per person. If there is no bus operation or seat available, a 100% cancellation fee will apply and your bus fare will NOT be refunded.

Change of Booking

Please call us during business hours (9:00 – 18:00 Japan Standard Time) to change or cancel your booking. If your call or email is received outside of business hours, it will be considered as received the next business day. Our change of booking policy is listed below.

Type of change Bus / Bus-pack
Up to 4 days prior 1-3 days prior Day of departure
Date ¥500 ×
Bus ¥500 ¥500
Bus boarding point (Same route only) ¥500
Bus get off point (Same route only)
From Bus-only to Bus-pack
From Bus-pack to Bus-only
Lift ticket
Additional passenger(s) Please make a separate booking.
Reduction of passenger(s) Cancellation policy will apply.

○ -- You can change without a fee.
¥500 -- You can change for a fee of 500JPY per person. Fee is payable to our staff at check in.
× -- Unable to Change.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation fees are as follows:

1-3 days prior to departure Day of departure
50% of travel fee 100% of travel fee

Day of Departure

  • Please come to the designated meeting place 10 minutes before departure time.
  • At New Chitose Airport,please check in at Good Sports White-Liner counter 20 minutes before departure time.
  • The bus departs on schedule at the departure time. If you are late and cannot take the bus you reserved, it will be considered a "no-show" and the bus fare will not be refunded.
  • Some bus stops are unattended. Where no staff is available, there is no announcement or call for bus departure. Please be on alert for the bus.
  • For a list of our bus operating companies, Click here.
  • Depending upon the number of passengers, the vehicle may be a van, minibus or mid-size bus.
  • Routes may be changed without notice depending upon weather, road, airline or ski management conditions.
  • You may be asked to use JR (Japan Railways) or other transportation systems if the freeway is closed and not expected to open due to natural calamities or traffic conditions. In this case the travel fee will not be refunded and we will not be responsible for your substitution transportation cost.
  • You can bring one luggage and one ski or snowboard in the bus. If you have additional luggage, or very large luggage, it may not be accommodated depending upon number of passengers.

Bus Stop at Sapporo City Hotels

    (Formerly Art Hotels Sapporo)
  • HOTEL MYSTAYS Sapporo Aspen
    (Formerly Sapporo Aspen Hotel)
  • ibis Styles Sapporo

Please wait in the lobby on the 1st floor of the hotel.

Bus Stop at Niseko

  • Hirafu Welcome Center
    (WhiteLiner Desk in the building)
  • Hilton Niseko Village Hotel
    (1F Lobby)
  • Green Leaf Niseko Village
    (Waiting Room outside the hotel)
  • Niseko Northern Resort Annupuri
    (1F Lobby)
  • Hotel Kanronomori
    (2F annex)


  • Ski / Snowboad Rental
  • Recommended for families and groups! Private Charter