White Liner bus operation this season has ended on April 1.
We are grateful to the many who have used us.

Bus Companies

Please see the list below for our ski bus companies. Depending upon customer reservations and circumstances, other bus companies not on the list, but with similar buses will operate in the case of additional buses requested due to passenger overflow, bus breakdown and unforeseen circumstances. Also depending upon the number of passengers, a passenger van may be used (Hokuryo Koutsuu, Co., Ltd.). All operating ski buses have been certified under the Safety Assessment program as required by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, and the Japan Bus Association.


Bus Company Telephone Number
Chitose Sougo Kankou Bus Co.,Ltd. 011-377-8811
Sapporo Bus Co.,Ltd. 011-888-7500
Hokkaido Bus Co.,Ltd. 011-882-1111
Atsuma Bus Corporation 0145-27-2311
T.O Transport Corporation 0123-32-1101
ELM Sightseeing Bus Inc. 011-377-8181
Iwamizawa Bus Co.,Ltd. 0126-26-1811


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