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Our prices for the 2024-2025 winter season will be determined by the end of summer.
For charter bookings and quotations for this winter season, please inquire after September.

Choose the vehicle to fit your group number, luggage size and count.

Larger vehicles for larger groups

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If the number of passengers and luggage exceed capacity, your quote will be based on the next larger vehicle.

Easy Booking Process
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Booking procedures

Please use the official application form.

Number of travelers, number of luggage (including ski&snowboard sets), date, departure time, pick up and drop off points and route are required.

We will send a quotation.

If the charter is available, we will send you the quotation by email. At this time the vehicle is not yet secured.

Please note that all our vehicles may be fully booked on your desired date. If it is impossible to arrange your request, we will contact you by email or telephone.

Please check our quotations and reply to us within three days.

Please reply within three days whether you wish to use the vehicle. When we receive your confirmation we will secure your vehicle and send you a payment link.


Please settle your payment within 3 days after completion of booking.
Your booking will be canceled if payment is not completed by the due date.
*Please settle payment immediately if your travel is within 3 days.

Booking is settled after confirming completion of your payment.

Change or Cancellation of Booking
Please contact us during business hours if you need to change your booking or itinerary. If your call or email is received outside of business hours, it will be considered as received the next business day. Please note that any changes in your reservation may result in a change of price. Note: Changes cannot be made on date of travel.

Cancellation Fees

8-20 Days Before
Travel Date
2-7 Days Before
Travel Date
Day Before
Travel Date
Day of Travel Before
Departure Time
Day of Travel After
Departure Time or No Show
20% 30% 40% 50% 100%
The day of travel

The driver will meet you at the pick up point.

In event of flight delay or cancellation on travel date
In event of flight delay, we will wait as long as possible; however, due to scheduling we may have to cancel your booking. Please contact us immediately when you know your flight is delayed.
In event of flight cancellation, we will do all that is possible to reschedule your vehicle. Please contact us immediately when you know your flight is cancelled, and when your new expected arrival date and time will be. If rescheduling is not possible, we will take appropriate action.
Please note an extra fee may be charged when the departure is delayed due to passenger reason.

Departure time and route may be changed due to heavy weather or traffic conditions. You may be asked to use JR (Japan Railways) or other transportation systems if the freeway is closed and not expected to open due to natural calamities or traffic conditions. You will be expected to pay for these costs, and your charter fee will not be refunded.

Bus Companies
Yell Kankou Co.,Ltd. Aoyanagi Kankou Bus Co.,Ltd. Chitose Sougo Kankou Bus Co.,Ltd. Hokuryo Koutsuu Co.,Ltd.

Easy Booking Process
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